• 24" Stand
  • For Bookshelf Speakers
  • Set of 2
  • Steel Carpet Spikes
  • Fillable
  • Made of Steel
  • 11” x 11” 4mm Steel Base
  • 6” x 6” Speaker Pedestal
  • Assembly Instructions Included

Vega 24" Steel Speaker Stand

SKU: 0237
  • Features

    • UPGRADE YOUR ENTERTAINMENT AREA: Our 24” speaker stands will improve the quality of the sound coming from your speakers, making it clearer and easier to hear. When simply placed on the floor, speakers do not direct the sound correctly. Since the soundwaves have to travel further to get to your ears, the sound will seem distant. With tall speaker stands, the sound is closer to your ears, allowing you to hear clearly whether you are sitting or standing.
    • THE STEEL ADVANTAGE: These speaker stands are made out of strong, heavy duty, durable steel to ensure longevity. Steel is a better material than wood or glass for speaker stands because it won’t hang onto energy. It releases vibration very quickly, won’t muddy the speaker sound, and supports your speaker to improve image focus, reduce mid-range coloration, and tighten the bass. They also give you an aesthetically pleasing sleek and modern look, neutral enough to match any home decor.
    • MULTITUDE OF SPEAKERS: These floor standing speaker stands have been designed to hold medium or large bookshelf speakers with a maximum weight capacity of 40 lbs. In this way, you aren’t limited to certain brands of speakers. We highly recommend the use of these speaker stands in combination with your surround sound system.
    • FILLABLE TO ENSURE STURDINESS: Although this speaker stand set has been designed with a sturdy material, you have the option to maximize its stability by simply filling the tubes with sand, steel shot, or the material of your choice. This is especially important when placing the speaker stands on plush carpet or if you have children or pets. Filling the speaker stands also reduces sound vibrations to further ensure stability, even when using the loudest setting on your speakers.
    • PROTECT YOUR SPEAKER STANDS: To protect your speaker stands from falling due to uneven surfaces such as carpet, we have designed them to include removable steel carpet spikes. Basically, these are little cones that are used to separate the stand from the object that it rests on, thereby anchoring the stand to the floor. When using the speaker spikes on hardwood floors it is recommended that you place furniture coasters or pennies underneath to prevent any floor damage.


    Weights & Dimensions

    Product Dimensions 11 x 11 x 24 inches
    Item Weight 16 pounds
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