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For more than 65 years, Sennheiser has been building top-quality headphones for discerning listeners. Now at last, they have created a digital headphone amplifier built to power their finest high-end designs. Engineered and manufactured in Germany, the HDVD 800 stands ready to deliver an extraordinary listening experience to the owners of Sennheiser HD 800, HD 700, HD 650, and HD 600 headphones, as well as other high-end headphone models. If you want to hear the best that your  'phones have to offer, treat yourself to this amp.


Cutting-edge design for crystal-clear, low-distortion sound

Sennheiser chose a fully symmetrical, or balanced, design for the HDVD 800. This advanced type of circuitry provides two completely independent signal paths for the right and left channels, extending all the way from the inputs to the outputs to provide exceptionally quiet, low-distortion sound free of interference. That extremely low noise floor lets your music emerge from a dead-silent background to reveal fresh layers of detail and dynamics hidden within your favorite recordings. You can take full advantage of the symmetrical design using the HDVD 800's two four-pin XLR outputs and headphones specially wired for balanced operation. The amp also features two standard 1/4" jacks for normally wired headphones, and can power up to four pairs of headphones simultaneously for doing quick comparisons or having group listening sessions.


Top-quality performance from your digital and analog sources

The HDVD 800 handles all of your music sources with the utmost care, and includes both symmetrical and asymmetrical analog inputs for your audio components. But this amp was designed especially for use with digital sources. It features optical, coaxial, XLR, and USB inputs for your digital gear, and a high-quality Burr-Brown digital-to-analog converter that turns digital audio files up to 24-bit/192kHz resolution into clear, precise analog signals. (Free USB driver download required for Windows® PC playback.) This allows the HDVD 800 to play both standard and high-resolution music, amplifying the entire spectrum of high-res audio sources without any loss of detail. The amp's symmetrical XLR outputs also provide an easy connection to a compatible audio system for use as a stand-alone preamp/DAC.


Built by music lovers for music lovers

As beautiful to look at as it is to listen to, the HDVD 800 features a glass panel embedded in its aluminum housing to provide a clear view of the top-quality components inside — each carefully selected for its sonic performance, and used only after passing stringent listening tests. The amp's premium ALPS quadruple potentiometer volume control provides precise channel balance and is mechanically connected to the volume knob by a long shaft. This unusually long potentiometer shaft allows the signal path between the audio source and the potentiometer to be kept very short, preventing any possible interference of the signal. To top things off, the amp's front panel and control knobs are milled from solid metal, adding both a luxurious feel and long-lasting durability.

Sennheiser HDVD 800

SKU: 0194
    • built-in Burr-Brown digital-to-analog converter
    • all digital inputs support up to 24-bit resolution at 192kHz sampling rate for playback of high-res music files
    • symmetrical (balanced) circuitry throughout reduces noise and distortion for maximum sound quality
    • premium ALPS quadruple potentiometer volume control for precise channel balance
    • rear-panel 5-stage gain switch for optimized use of low impedance headphones
    • sophisticated metal housing protects against signal interference and vibration
    • controls machined from solid metal for long-term reliability
    • three digital audio inputs: one AES/EBU (XLR), one optical (Toslink), and one RCA coaxial
    • USB (Type B) input for connecting a computer
    • 1 pair symmetrical (balanced 3-pin XLR) line-level inputs
    • 1 pair asymmetrical (unbalanced RCA) inputs
    • two 4-pin XLR symmetrical (balanced) headphone outputs for compatible headphones
    • two full-sized (1/4") headphone outputs
    • 1 pair symmetrical (balanced 3-pin XLR) preamp outputs for connection to a compatible audio component
    • plays up to four pairs of headphone simultaneously
    • dedicated Sennheiser USB Windows driver required for playback on a PC (included on supplied CD and available free Sennheiser's website)
    • no driver required for Mac OSX 10.5 or later
    • requires detachable AC power cord — see Accessories
    • THD: less than 0.001%
    • frequency response: 0.3Hz to 100,000 Hz
    • 8-9/16"W x 2-3/16"H x 14-3/8"D
    • weight: 4.85 lbs.

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