Nicely "tweaked" for your listening pleasure

It's hard for us to imagine a turntable that represents a greater value for enjoying the warm, natural sound of vinyl than Pro-Ject's own Debut Carbon (DC). And judging by their reviews, our customers feel the same way. This factory "tweaked" version of the Debut Carbon (DC) takes all of that turntable's best features — the solid design and construction, plus a carbon fiber tonearm with the great sounding Ortofon 2M Red cartridge —  and adds even more performance and versatility. The end result is a great turntable that's also a great value.


What's in it for you?

For starters, the Esprit SB (DC) features a built-in Pro-Ject Speed Box with a top-mounted electronic switch that lets you easily change speeds from 33-1/3 to 45 RPM with the push of a button. The Speed Box's electronic speed regulation also provides greater speed accuracy for enhanced sound quality. You even get the ability to play 78 RPM records with a simple change of the included drive belt pulley (older, large-groove 78s require a special needle like the Audio-Technica VM670SP). Best of all, the heavy 12" precision-machined acrylic platter reduces distracting resonance and lowers the turntable's noise floor for clearer, more dynamic sound. You'll hear tighter, punchier bass, greater midrange detail, and better spatial definition from your treasured vinyl collection. 


Crafted for serious sound

The Debut Carbon Esprit SB (DC)'s one-piece carbon fiber tonearm is much stiffer than typical aluminum tonearms, while reducing unwanted resonance that colors sound. The turntable's sturdy MDF chassis rests on shock-absorbing rubber feet that provide a solid, low-resonance foundation. The belt drive system and TPE (ThermoPlastic Elastomer) motor mount dampers isolate the motor's vibration from the chassis to prevent noise from being transferred to the cartridge, and on to your amplifier and speakers. The result is a turntable that delivers sonic performance rarely found on models in its price range.  


Get the best sound, without the hassle

Pro-Ject knows that turntable setup can be a challenge for the novice. That's why the Esprit SB (DC) comes out of the box virtually ready to play. Its pre-matched, factory-mounted phono cartridge and tonearm take the guesswork out of installation, and give you optimized sound quality with minimal effort. A few simple steps to dial in key settings like tracking force and anti-skating, are all it takes to get this player primed and ready to deliver spacious, detailed music. If you've never experienced the relaxed sound that vinyl is famous for, what are you waiting for?

Pro-Ject Debut Carbon Esprit SB

SKU: 0124
    • heavy 12" acrylic platter reduces resonance and noise
    • built-in precision Speed Box control with top-mounted electronic switch for easy speed changes (33-1/3/45 RPM)
    • belt for 78 rpm playback included
      • older 78 recordings with large grooves require a special cartridge to avoid damaging the record
    • one-piece carbon fiber tonearm for superior rigidity and low resonance
    • external DC power supply with ultra-precise DC-driven AC generator for outstanding speed stability
    • upgraded motor suspension with TPE (ThermoPlastic Elastomer) damping for silent operation
    • includes pre-mounted Ortofon 2M Red moving magnet cartridge
    • precision stainless-steel bearing system for smooth, quiet platter rotation
    • medium density fiberboard (MDF) base with four shock-absorbing rubber feet
    • synchronous AC motor decoupled from base for reduced vibration transmission
    • speed variation: ±0.6% @ 33? RPM (±0.7% @ 45 RPM)
    • wow and flutter: ±0.19% @ 33? RPM (±0.17% @ 45 RPM)
    • signal-to-noise ratio: 68dB
    • frequency range (with included cartridge): 20-22,000 Hz
    • channel separation (with included cartridge): 22dB
    • gold-plated RCA audio jacks
    • 16-3/8"W x 4-3/4"H (with dust cover down) x 13-1/8"D
    • weight: 12.4 lbs.

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