Your speakers may be capable of far better sound than you're getting now. Research shows that loudspeakers sound best when their tweeter is positioned at or slightly above the ear of the listener. A high quality steel speaker stand like the Pangea Audio DS400 not only positions the speaker drivers at the best acoustic height, but it also rigidly holds the speaker for optimal bass performance.
The DS400 uses ultra-strong support piers to provide an incredibly solid and rigid base for compact monitors and other bookshelf-type speakers. As always, Pangea provides huge amount of performance. You’ll have to pay a whole lot more to get a stand that rivals the DS400’s combination of build quality and performance-enhancing features.

Pangea Audio DS400 32" Speaker Stands

SKU: 0235
  • Features

    • Heavy-duty all-steel speaker stand
    • All four support piers can be filled with sand or steel shot
    • Adjustable carpet-piercing bottom spikes
    • Four soft rubberized top pads supplied for speaker isolation
    • Compatible with a wide range of compact or monitor-type speakers


    Weights & Dimensions

    Item Weight 66 pounds
    Product Dimensions 32 x 11 x 9 inches
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