A sophisticated turntable for vinyl lovers

NAD has a reputation for precision engineering that makes music sound amazing, so I was excited to see the C 558 turntable show up in our warehouse. It's built on a solid MDF base with rubber feet to minimize vibration. The 9" aluminum tonearm features a pre-mounted Ortofon OM10 cartridge that brings beautiful music out of every record groove. This turntable is a beauty that will look — and sound — amazing in any vinyl lover's listening room.


Harmonious design

While I was researching the C 558, preparing to write this page, a company rep explained the C 558's design in a way that stuck with me: "The specific combination of a glass platter, felt mat, MDF base and aluminum tonearm combined with the particular rubber in the feet all interact in a way that extracts maximal energy from the LP groove," he wrote in an email. In short, these specific materials were chosen because they work well together.


We love that kind of fanatical attention to detail, and we think your ears will love it, too.

NAD C 558

SKU: 0118
    • heavy glass platter with felt mat provides excellent speed stability
    • high-precision stainless steel and bronze bearing assembly for smooth, quiet platter rotation
    • 9" high grade aluminum tonearm
    • includes pre-mounted Ortofon OM10 moving magnet cartridge
    • isolated DC synchronous motor for reduced vibration and superior speed stability
    • medium density fiberboard (MDF) base with adjustable vibration-damping feet
    • gold-plated RCA audio jacks with detachable phono cables
    • high-gloss black lacquer finish
    • fully manual operation
    • 33-1/3 and 45 rpm speeds (manual speed change)
    • speed variation: ±0.5%
    • wow and flutter: ±0.15%
    • frequency response (with included cartridge): 20-22,000 Hz (±3dB)
    • requires a phono preamp or phono input on receiver or preamplifier
    • 17-1/8"W x 4-11/16"H (with dust cover down) x 14-3/8"D
    • weight: 17.6 lbs.

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