Flagship performance from KLH

Meet the Kendall — the flagship tower speaker in KLH's new line of home speakers. This handsome tower dishes out rich sound thanks to its 3-way design. And it's easy on the eyes, too, with its high-quality, wood veneer finish. I had the opportunity to audition a pair of the Kendalls prior to their launch (more on that in a minute). 


This incredibly efficient floor-standing speaker (rated at 96 dB sensitivity!) doesn't require a ton of power to produce big sound, making it a great match with a range of modern amplifiers.


A three-way design for smooth, detailed sound

The Kendall's three-way design matches a 1" anodized aluminum tweeter with a 5-1/4" woven Kevlar® midrange, and two 6-1/2" Kevlar woofers for nuanced texture and detail throughout its wide frequency range. 

A custom-designed, high-quality crossover ensures smooth blending of frequencies between the four of drivers.


Small details add up to keep you happy

The Kendall's wood veneer finish gives it a high-quality look and feel. And its magnetic grille has no visible attachment points, making this finely crafted speaker visually compelling when the grille is removed. 


This tower comes equipped with two pairs of speaker inputs for bi-amping or bi-wiring. And it comes with floor spikes and rubber feet for added stability and to decouple the cabinet from your floor for better sound.


To top it all off, the Kendall comes with a 10-year warranty for long-term peace of mind.

KLH Kendall

SKU: 0167
    • floor-standing speaker for music or home theater
    • 3-way design
      • 1" anodized aluminum tweeter with linear response faceplate
      • 5-1/4" woven Kevlar® midrange driver
      • dual 6-1/2" woven Kevlar woofers
    • frequency response: 25-23,000 Hz (±3dB)
    • recommended amplifier power: up to 250 watts
    • sensitivity: 96 dB
    • impedance: 8 ohms
    • custom-designed crossover for smooth frequency distribution
    • bass-reflex (ported) cabinet with dual rear-firing ports
    • two sets of input terminals allow bi-amping or bi-wiring
    • 5-way binding posts accept pins, single or dual banana connectors, spades, or bare wire
    • includes chrome-plated steel spikes and rubber feet for stability and decoupling
    • beautiful black oak veneer finish
    • removable magnetic grille with custom honeycomb design
    • 7-3/4"W x 40"H x 14-3/4"D
    • weight: 50 lbs.

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