• Senior oil-immersed capacitor, Advanced audio signal line, Silver solder wire, Hitachi high purity oxygen free copper enameled wire.
  • NEC international standard power socket,Low leakage magnetic transformer and high magnetic shield mask reduce signal interference
  • The accessory is a remote control made of solid wood.
  • Advance electrolysis. ALPS motor potentiometer. Gold-plated electronic tube holder. Plated 18K gold signal terminal connector.
  • Tube:12AX7*4, 12AT7*1, 6P6P*1, 5Z3P*1

Dared MC-7P

SKU: 0264
  • • Model:MC-7P Pre-amplifier
    • Frequency response:10Hz-30KHz±0.5dB
    • Harmonic distortion:≤0.05%
    • Signal to noise ratio:≥93dB
    • Signal to noise ratio(MM):-75dB
    • MM gain:39dB
    • The input voltage:110V-120V or 220V-240V
    • Input channel interface:LINE,Phono
    • Tube:12AX7*4, 12AT7*1, 6P6P*1, 5Z3P*1
    • Weight:26.5LB
    • Dimensions:13.4inch*11.4inch*4.3inch

    • Manufacturer warranty: 1 year
    • Hi-Fi Square 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

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